Dear customers,

I would like to describe in several sentences how the ideal process of trading with us takes a place.


Thank you that you are interested in our products. I believe that you will join a loooong line of our satisfied customers soon (and I hope that you won’t be the first unsatisfied…)


If you are interested in some type, pattern or combination of colors – or if you are still deciding between some of them – do not hesitate to contact me for advice. You can contact me on my FB profile (here) or by e-mail LASKOVAL@SEZNAM.CZ . We always strive for our customers get exactly what they want. I am convinced that custom manufacturing involves active communication with customers. I usually reply within 24 hours.


Please describe:

- Your idea (color, combination, warm insulation, inscription…)

- Race, age and sex of your dog ( I can prepare a special dress cut that is wearable by young dog right now and later by adult dog as well.)

- Size and measures according to your personal requirements


The delivery time depends on the current agreement with our customer. Usually it takes 1 – 4 weeks. In the high season (November to January)) it can be sometimes a bit longer. If there is a temporary oversupply of demand, I will alert the customer with my sincere regret that the processing their order could last longer. Then the customer can decide either to wait a bit longer or to order elsewhere.


I let customers know immediately after processing of their order has started. Until then customers can arbitrarily modify their requirements. I am open to any agreement. Then I can tell them the final price. Deposit is required for larger orders only.


Once the order is complete, I send a photo for approval together with the supporting documents for payment. I accept non-cash payments only. For payments in CZK there is a bank account in ÄŚSOB. For payments in EUR, please use my bank account in Raiffaissen Bank, Germany.


I ship the parcel with the clothing immediately after the payment has been received. I will let you know that the parcel has already been sent. I use a service of Česká pošta or Deutsche Post.


In case that the garment does not fit your dog well, it is possible to send it back for repair. If it is my mistake, the repair is for free. If it is a customer who measured mistakenly, the repair is for a symbolic price of 150 CZK and the cost of shipping (from your to me and from me to you).


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. If you are not sure that you measured at the right place, you can send me a photo so that I can check it. I believe that we can arrange everything successfully.


I am always delighted when my satisfied customers send a photo of their darlings in my dog clothing. I am glad to add them into my large photo gallery.


I haven’t had any complaints yet – just constant superlatives… that is what brings me joy from my work and encourages me to move forward.


Thank you for reading up to the end. We are looking forward to welcoming you as another satisfied customer in a long line.


 How to measure

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