Handmade Softshell Dog Suits


I can offer winter or autumn / transitional jackets and raincoats for your dog, according to your idea and personal requirements.


Dog suits are very useful for many reasons: you can use them ideally for older and slower dogs, for dogs in training, who are waiting in the car for next work etc. Yet I always keep in mind a certain stylishness and usability. That is why these suits sufficiently cover the body parts important for keeping the dog warm – back, belly and neck. Our garments are very stylish and practical. You just need to unbutton a wide Velcro fastener on one side, then stretch the suit over the dog’s head and place the opposite side parts one to each other – and it’s ready. My products do not contain any full zippers or buttons. Replacement of the Velcro fasteners is very quick and easy. I don’t make any hoods and sleeves, only prolonged dress cut on the thighs. I don’t sew clothing for mini breeds. I thing that there is currently a wide range of this suits for mini dogs on the market and softshell is too unyielding material for these dogs. The minimum possible length of the dog’s back is 35 cm (14 in). A very pleasant element is a separable roll-neck. The roll-neck covers dog’s neck, which is prone to cold. If the neck circumference is longer than 50 cm (20 in), it can also be worn by the owner (we can also make two matching roll-necks to the pair J ) This roll-neck is a standard part of any winter or autumn jacket and it is already included in the price. The width of the chest can be adjusted in the range of several cm (in) by Velcro fasteners.


I can recommend adding a few cm (in) to the measured length. If your dog is still growing, it’s possible to sew a jacket for adult dog with extra Velcro fasteners that allow the jacket to shrink or enlarge. Next season, you can easily cut of these unnecessary fasteners and you will have a fitting jacket for your adult dog.


All our garments have reflective tapes around dog’s chest, on the forechest and bellow the neck. I can place these tapes anywhere you want. I can also add some extra tapes or textile applications (dog paws, snowflakes).


At the back, the suit is attached to the dog’s tail by a firm softshell loop. If you want, I can adjust the dress cut so that it is longer on the thighs.


I can sew an applique according to your wishes – name of your dog, name of the kennel, a simple logo, your phone number (a great idea if your dog is lost).


“A dressed dog is not a stray dog – it is one’s beloved and sought dog.’’


Used Materials


Our dog suits are made from softshell, which is my favorite material. Softshell is a functional fabric. It means that it is waterproof in a certain extent and it also provides a great protection against wind. This gently stretching material is not prone to bursting and flaring of the edges. If the jacket gets dirty during a walk, you don’t need nothing more than a wet rag to clean it. It isn’t necessary to wash these jackets repeatedly in washing machine. Softshell products are quick-drying. You can use any common impregnation sprays for outdoor fabrics. Our customers confirm that our products commonly resist dog bites in brawls or sharp branches. Our products provide not only convenience but also protection. Please, do not use any fabric softeners during washing. Thus, the fabric loses its unique qualities. Wash at 40°C (100°F).


The most popular black softshell can be combined with other colors, if the customer desires. Now we have a novelty in our offer – a camo pattern. These camo patterns are available in a wide range of color shades. The price of the jackets with this pattern is somewhat higher – up to twice as high as usual. If you consider this price to high, there is a more affordable option – it’s possible to make these jackets from other materials – nylon or high density polyester (used for sewing backpacks). These materials are also waterproof. I commonly use them for sewing raincoats. While the raincoats have a mesh lining, bulky winter jackets have a wadding inner layer.

I use polyester fleece as a lining. It’s a soft heavy brushed knit. Fleece is commonly used for sewing sweatshirts and jackets. I frequently use black, red or orange fleece for the inner lining (inside the jacket). The scale of colors used for sewing hems, roll-necks and appliques is very wide. The best thing you can do is to describe me your idea of the color combination. It’s because the current offer of possible colors is very wide and constantly changing.


Maximum thermal insulation of our winter jackets is provided by an internal wadding layer. This is a polyester fleece weighing from 150 to 200 g (0.33 – 0.44lbs).


How to measure

Please, follow this procedure when measuring:

Length of back: Place a tape measure to the neck in the withers (on the back and neck interface). It’s a part of body where a loose chain collar usually lies. The length of back ends at the root of the tail. Add 2 cm (0.8 in) for comfortable movement. The tape measure must not be stretched. It must lie freely on the dog’s back. Don’t forget that the jacket is also moving when the dog is moving – too short jacket restricts the dog in motion.

Chest circumference: Please, place the tape measure on the perimeter of the widest point behind the dog’s elbows.

Neck circumference: Lower neck circumference (chain collar) + neck circumference in the middle

Lower length:

For males: from the lower part of the neck to the place ca. 2-3 cm (ca. 1 in) in front of the tip of the dog’s penis

For females: from the lower part of the neck to the line of front part of the thighs

Side length: the width between the elbow and the front part of the thigh

Additional information:

- race of the dog (description of the dog’s appearance, if the dog is a crossbreed)

- sex of the dog (due to the dress cut in the lower part)

- if possible – photo of the dog

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